Azerbaijan: take a fresh look

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CTR at Tourister.ru
Our goal was to inspire tourists from Russia and the CIS to travel to Azerbaijan and to increase average trip duration up to 7 days.
Target audience included: inhabitants of major cities of Russia and the CIS with a middle to high level of income, couples, single people and groups looking for plane tickets, hotels, tours or supplementary services in Azerbaijan and for competing destinations (such as the CIS and regions of Russia).
Creation of an interactive special project at Tourister.ru with a clickable map of the route in Azerbaijan, designed for 7 days, and the necessary information for planning a trip. The site has integrated forms for booking tickets, hotels and ready-made tours.
Promo tools
Automated placement of banners at online resources using Travel Programmatic technology in the Russian Federation and the CIS, as well as placement of banners and promotional tools at the Tourister.ru portal.

Advertising campaign period: September to November 2019.
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