Weekend in the Urals

September – December 2019
Tourism Development Centre of Sverdlovsk Region

Promotion of the tourist product "Weekend in the Urals" to the audience of travelers from Russia.

Target audience
Active travelers, residents of large regions, including the Urals, who are looking for tours, hotels, flights in Russia and the near abroad, often choose city breaks, sightseeing, gastronomic and active recreation.

Developing the online project and running an advertising campaign with the help of Profi.Travel Programmatic technology. The project offers tourists a route for three days – from Friday to Sunday. In addition, recommendations are given on how to get there, where to stay, what to visit, where to try Ural cuisine, as well as useful contacts are provided. The content of the project is designed both for tourists travelling independently and for those who want to join a group tour.

Project stages

September – October
"Weekend in the Urals. Bazhov is calling"

In autumn, tourists are offered the intense excursion program and visits to natural attractions. Over the weekend in the Urals, you can have time to cross the border of Europe and Asia, climb the Ural mountains, make sure that the slope of the Nevyansk tower is greater than that of Pisa or visit a real mine.

November – December
"Weekend in the Urals. Mountains are calling"

In winter, tourists can conquer the Ural mountains, swim in thermal springs and discover new things in Yekaterinburg. In the winter edition of the online project a selection of the best ski resorts and natural parks, as well as events in Yekaterinburg and the cities of the region.

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