About 1,800 travel industry professionals studied the tourism opportunities of the Samara region

The results of the educational project for travel business professionals have been summed up.
Educational project about Samara region in the format of an online academy for professionals of tourism business in Russia and CIS countries is prepared by the Ministry of Tourism of Samara region, Tourist Information Center and Profi.Travel industry media holding.
The results of the project were summed up online in a round table format. It was attended by developers of the project, creators of tourist products in Samara region, as well as tour operators and travel agents from different regions of Russia.

How an educational project is organized

Take a test in the framework of the educational project and have a chance to win participation in a study tour of the Samara region professionals of the tourism industry could in November and December 2022.

The developers of the project had the task to tell about the winter recreation opportunities of the Samara region, to generate interest among professionals to the tourism product of the region and provide them with the knowledge necessary to work with clients. A survey of potential tourists before the start of the project showed that it is the lack of knowledge about the attractions and recreational opportunities that prevents them from choosing the Samara region as a travel destination.

The project is designed to help travel companies to awaken tourist interest in traveling to the Samara region and convert it into travel.

The online academy for travel industry professionals was created using game and interactive techniques.The basis of the educational part is a guide to the sights of the Samara region. By the way, it will be available to visitors to the academy's website on a permanent basis. All material is structured according to the tastes of the four main target groups - families, couples, youth companies, and "silver-age" travelers.
Who participated in the project

The website of the online academy has become a meeting point for creators of tourism products in the Samara region and companies interested in its implementation both in Russia and in the CIS countries. Their tours in the educational project presented the center of tourism programs "Pilgrim", tour operators of the region "Marulya Travel", "The Tale of Wanderings", "Resort City", "Profcenter-Samara". Materials of the Academy website were studied by almost 1,800 unique users from among representatives of the tourism industry, more than 700 of them watched online broadcasts with experts of the Samara region, and 405 were tested at the end of their training at the online academy.

During the roundtable, the developers of the project underlined that it was important for them to help representatives of the tourism business to find each other, to establish interaction, both on the project and after it.
What was discussed at the roundtable

The participants of the roundtable were:
  • Director of the Tourist Information Center of Samara region Anna Rabinovich;
  • Travel agents and tour operators from St. Petersburg ("Navigator Tour"), Novosibirsk ("Golden Doe"), Ulyanovsk ("Vernon Line" and "Anex Tour");
    Developers of tours in Samara region, heads of companies "Profcenter-Samara", the center of tourist programs "Pilgrim", the center of tourism and recreation "U-RA", "VTK-TUR";
  • Profi.Travel specialists who participated in the creation of the project.
"Partnership between tour operators and travel agents can give both sides new ideas, new approaches, and how to sell the tourism product of the Samara region, — says the round table moderator and head of the Profi.Travel analytical center Nadezhda Ebel. — The goal of today's meeting is to find new points of growth that will help to make the tourism product of the Samara region more popular, which I am absolutely sure it deserves".

At the meeting they discussed the tourism product of the Samara region, including triggers that can be an incentive for tourists from other regions to buy tours here. For example, for Siberians in the summer it is the sun and the beaches, the opportunity to go on a cruise.

They also paid attention to the winter tourist product. "It seems to me that our specialty is nature, which is right in the city, — says Anna Turmacheva, a representative of the tour operator "Pilgrim". — You can sit in a restaurant and admire the frozen Zhigulyovo Sea, as we say, the largest ice rink in Europe, because it is the largest European water reservoir. If we promote this image, and make it recognizable, it will help agents from all regions to sell us better".

Agents noted the need for promotional tours with a focus on the product that could potentially be most in demand in their regions.
Participants of the round table identified points where the interaction of the tourist information center and the tourism industry of the region could quickly bring concrete results. Travel agents approved the TIC's proposal to take on a coordinating role for tour operators on group tours. The idea to hold a master class on the visual design of travel itineraries for the visitors was also appealing, and the participants noted the need to expand the photobank with high-quality images of points of attraction of the region.

"It is important not only to promote the region's tourism opportunities to direct tourists, but also to build relationships with the tourism business when building the concept of marketing the territory. Agencies and tour operators are responsible for a large part of the tourist flow, and they are able to increase the flow quickly with the help of group tours, — explains Alexey Vengin, general director of the Profi.Travel media holding. — As the Samara region does, including in partnership with us".

Anna Rabinovich summed up the results of the meeting, noting that the tasks set before the project with Profi.Travel are solved, the Samara region has become more recognizable in the B2B-segment. "The main thing that we have succeeded in is to organize interaction of Samara travel companies with tour operators from different regions., — Anna Rabinovich says. — People go to people. It's important for tour companies to know that there are people on the other side who will welcome their precious tourists so that they will return with only good impressions". In 2023, the Ministry of Tourism of Samara region and TIC plan to continue active work to increase recognition of the region and the growth of inbound tourist flow.
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