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Travel Data-Driven technology

Profi.Travel exclusively represents
Travel Data-Driven technology in Russia

Travel Data-Driven tecnhology is a unique tool to promote a tourism product,
it is based on Amadeus Company Big Data.

This makes it possible to find exclusive travel targets, and to show advertisements
to the users with a real travel experience, who plan a new trip within advertising campaign time. Travel Data-Driven campaigns focus on tourist traffic only,
and are able to show high effieciency in the number of product bookings
and tourists who arrived to the destination after they saw the advertisement.
Profi.Travel media holding is an exclusive reseller of Travel Data-Driven advertising technology by Amadeus in Russia.
A unigue difference of this technology from the similiar ones is that advertising messages are not shown to those
who are interested in tourism or searching the information about destinations, but does not really travel.

Travel Data Driven campaigns focus on tourists
with frequent travel experience.

Why do we recommend Travel Data-Driven technology for promotion?

The technology does not compete with advertising tools targeted at those who already considering your destination for vacations. Travel Data Driven campaign allows you
to expand the sales funnel and reach those who plan the trip
to competitive destinations, so it attracts additional audience of tourists.

Finding the target audience
based on Big Data

Travel audience technology helps to create a target profile of travelling audience. Anonymized Bid Data is used for profiling: exclusive information about travel experience and users web behavior information.
Based on this data, a target segment is created.

Case Studies
with Travel Data-Driven technology

Learn how to attract tourists and get incremental bookings
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