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Profi.Travel is a media holding with 20-year experience in the tourism markets of Russia and the CIS countries. We specialize in digital marketing of tourist products and travel destinations in B2B and B2C segments with the use of the most advanced advertising technologies.
Our Story

RED 2018
The second online fair Russia Expo Days, dedicated
to the 2018 World Cup. Russian regions and
tour operators presented their opportunities
to travel companies from 74 countries.

Exclusive partnership with Amadeus
Signing a strategic agreement with Amadeus, a leading provider of IT solutions for the travel industry, for exclusive sales of travel audience technology in Russia and the CIS.

Launch of B2C marketing
Launching of the innovative B2C advertising technology -Travel Programmatic. Modern solution from travel audience company, which makes it possible to reach the target segments of tourists, using Amadeus unique data.

Profi.Travel became the exclusive sales house offering advertising tools of one of the most popular travel websites on the Russian Internet Tourister.ru. It is in the top 3 travel websites with a monthly audience of
more than 8 million travelers.

Profi.Travel Loyalty
FAM trip to Abu Dhabi

Exclusive promotional tour Profi.Travel for 15 leaders
of the Loyalty program rating at the end of 2017!
First digital marketing conference in tourism OTM Digital Days 2018. The best cases in digital marketing from NTOs and tour operators, essential trends and marketing tools from digital experts.

The first OTM fair
In February 2017, the largest international online event in the tourism industry was held for the first time. The primary annual online fair Online Travel Mart 2017 prepared travel companies to the long-awaited first post-crisis summer season. 48 exhibiting companies from 17 countries participated in the fair. The live streaming of the round table with the participation of representatives of NTOs and tour operators was watched online by users from 27 countries.

The first loyalty program in the tourism industry Loyalty Profi.Travel
Profi.Travel Loyalty has become a tool that helps outbound and inbound tour operators, hoteliers and other segments of the tourist industry to attract new partners in Russia and the CIS countries.

Launch of Nashe.travel project -
aggregator of tours in Russia

For the first time in the Russian market there was a resource that combines an online marketplace of tours for travel companies, a convenient cloud system for tour operators and an encyclopedia of Russian travel products.

Russian Expo Days -
the first inbound travel fair

We are focusing on B2B audience of foreign travel market to promote Russia destination to European, Arab and Asian travel agents.
Connect: Kazakhstan-Russia 2016
forum in Almaty

В феврале 2016 года Profi.Travel собрал в Алматы крупнейших представителей туристического бизнеса Казахстана и России - туроператоров, отельеров и представителей власти - для налаживания связей и обмена туристическими потоками. Это первое мероприятие такого масштаба в туризме СНГ.

Проект "Знай наше!"
шагнул из Москвы в регионы

Впервые мы провели онлайн-мероприятия, посвященные конкретным регионам. Деловые мероприятия на туристических форумах в регионах Profi .travel вывел в прямой эфир, что дало возможность тысячам представителей туристического бизнеса России и СНГ наблюдать за происходящим в режиме реального времени. В мае 2016 года в Уфе прошел форум «Знай Наше! Урал», в ноябре в Екатеринбурге состоялся форум "Знай наше! Башкортостан".
Russian travel online fair
In 2015, the online fair on the Russian travel product presents the Russian tourism potential - dozens of Russian travel companies, as well as regions participate in the fair as exponents.
The number of registered portal users exceeds 50,000 users. It is almost all professionals in tourism who have worked in that moment in Russia and the CIS.
The first tourist online fair in the world
The first online fair UAE 2014 showed the prospects of replacing traditional exhibitions with an innovative online format. The event gathered more than 3000 registered
attendees from all over Russia and the CIS.

Profi.Travel launches the portal in the CIS
Profi.Travel opens the editorials in the CIS and begins to write for the professional tourism community of Kazakhstan, Belarus, Ukraine and other CIS countries.

October 2014 —
the first online academy

We tested the new format of training of travel agents with the tour operator PAC GROUP, having launched the Ski Academy. More than 1,000 travel agents have been trained.
In April 2013, launched Profi.Travel portal is launched - the federal portal for professionals of the tourism business of Russia
Regional TurProfi.ru branches pretty quickly after that will cease to exist, organically merging into the federal Internet resource.

Entering the international market with a new product
In 2013 Profi.Travel launched its first special online project. It included a stand alone website and an advertising campaign that allowed the Russian tourist industry to get familiar with the tourist opportunities of the Czech Republic. From now on, customers are offered a completely new product for comprehensive online training of travel professionals.
Newsletters that conquer
the tourism industry

Profi.Travel started offering new opportunities for partners and customers. For the first time, in addition to banner advertising, customers had the opportunity to buy a newsletter with unique content and target on TurProfi.ru database for promotion products.
TurProfi.ru opens the regional network in Russia with 5 editorials in cities
TurProfi.ru opens the similar portals in other cities of Russia: first, in 2010 there are sites for professionals in Samara and Rostov-on-Don, in 2011 - in Kazan and St. Petersburg.

The first webinars in the tourism industry
We were the first organizer of webinars in the tourism industry in Russia. Subsequently, this technology will be developed by other market players.
Launch of TurProfi.ru in the Urals
The portal was moved to the stand-alone domain Turprofi.ru. This website is already fully dedicated to B2B and provides the latest news of the tourism industry in the Urals for professionals. New website and visual, but company will be associated with the "sunny" design of Turprofi.ru during the next 5-10 years more.
Content volume for tourism
professionals is growing

"Calendar" and "Tourmarket" sections are launched. "Tourmarket" was a catalog of the special offers and newsletter subscription - very popular service at that time.
The first steps in B2B
The sections for tourism professionals
is launched on Profi.Utravel.ru
The founder of the company, 23 year old Alexey Vengin, launched one of the first websites in Yekaterinburg - the portal for the Ural tourists Utravel.ru
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