Profi.Travel Online Exhibitions

An up-to-date, effective and, as practice has shown, an irreplaceable communication tool for B2B audience. Profi.Travel has been orginizing B2B online exhibitions for Russian and foreign travel markets since 2014 using our own Profi.Online platform — one of the most elaborated and reliable on the market.

Online exhibitions advantages

  • Advertising campaign
    The widest reach of B2B audience
    in the Russian-speaking countries
  • Business program
    Travel analytics and market reviews from experts
  • Technological platform
    Convenient, elaborated and reliable online platform
  • Feedback
    Cooperation & information requests, new business contacts already during the exhibition
  • International communication
    Multilingual and simultaneous translation
    of online broadcasts
  • Strategic partnership
    Federal Agency for Tourism, international tourism associations and leading travel media

Participation of the exhibitors

Online presentations
of the products
Virtual stands with information about the company, photo, video
Communication with visitors through the feedback form
Prize draws among a loyal audience
Business contacts and cooperation requests
Participation in the business program

Participation of the visitors

Registration of the visitors
and personal users' accounts
Personal visitor's schedule
Networking and possibility to ask
the experts your questions
Mobile version of the site and option to watch online broadcasts from mobile devices
Live and on-demand presentations
Automatic formation of the participant diploma
Loyalty system for the audience
Interactives with visitors, including testing
Information at the exhibitor's stand with the option to download catalogs

Online exhibitions calendar

RED India
13 - 26 March
Znay Nashe: Summer 2023
10 - 30 April
ОТМ: Summer 2023
22 May - 4 June
RED Arabian
10 - 23 July
RED CIS 2023
21 - 27 August
ОТМ: Winter 2023/24
4 - 17 September
Znay Nashe: Winter 2023/24
9 - 29 October
RED China 2023
13 - 19 November

Past online exhibitions 2021/2022

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