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Special B2B project
Hungary: Chapter I
Online traveling to Hungary with Vitaly Izbrisov

March - June, 2021

Client: Hungarian Tourism Agency
A special B2B project on Profi.Travel, vividly presenting the regions of Hungary in the first person. Each of them is a small Universe with its own features. Head of Business Development of the Hungarian National Tourist Office Vitaly Izbrisov masterfully immerses the participants of the project in the specifics of each location.


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To present the regions of Hungary to travel agents in an interactive and bright way, using 4 mind-blowing videos about Budapest, Debrecen, Hajduszoboszlo and Balaton.

To increase the awareness of the personal brand of Vitaly Izbrisov, the Head of Business Development of the Hungarian National Tourist Office, among Russian travel agents.

To create a community of travel agents united by interest in the Hungarian destination.
Special project in the format of an online trip around Hungary, full of interactive elements, training and engaging activities, as well as 5 sections with useful information.

Video tours around 4 regions of the country: Budapest, Debrecen, Hajduszoboszlo, Balaton and their surroundings. Conducting webinars from partners working with the destination.

Prize drawing and connecting the project to the Profi.Travel Loyalty program.
Landing pages and training program development, advertising campaign
on Profi.Travel for travel professionals
from March to June, 2021.

Promotional campaign included 16 individual e-newsletters, 3 news publications on Profi.Travel portal, social media promotion and banner ad.
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