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special project
Find your zen in Poland
Breathe in, breathe out and start your soothing journey
through amazing places. Still virtual

November - December, 2020

Client: Polish Tourism Organization
A special project about Poland on Tourister.ru portal for travellers, with a strong visual and inspiring narrative sides. The story of how to look at the familiar things with different eyes, how to find yourself and Zen
in unusually beautiful places of the country. The project visitors can see amazing landscapes with
wishes, each of them they can share on social networks.


18 711
Project pages views
5 725
Project visitors
1 768 000
Web impressions
CTR on Tourister.ru
To present Poland as a promising tourism destination, to attract and keep the attention of the potential audience of travelers to this country even in the global pandemic and closed borders situation. To show the diverse vacation possibilities of Poland.
Creation of a special project on Tourister.ru portal with a strong visual and inspiring narrative sides. The concept of the project meets the trends of slow living and perception.

Destination promotion with Travel Data-Driven advertising technology to the audience of tourists who are considering Europe for a tourist trip, including competing destinations (Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovakia).
A landing page development on Tourister.ru platform, conducting an advertising campaign using Travel Data-Driven technology (display advertising automated placement) from November to December, 2020.
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