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Special project on tourister.ru
Transnistria: a necklace of vivid impressions
A couple of hours from Moscow by plane - and you are on the doorstep of an amazing country

June - August, 2021

Client: Investment Development Agency in Pridnestrovie

A special project on Tourister.ru site, presenting the tourism opportunities of Transnistria. Why go there? To have a walk at beautiful places, eat and drink deliciously, enjoy slow pace of life and hospitality of locals. In addition, there are affordable prices and a lot of sun.


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Banner CTR on Tourister.ru
To present unusual colorful destination - Transnistria - to Russian travelers, and inspire them to plan a trip by showing the availability of the destination.

To form a stable knowledge about safety of the location, as well as to tell about the possibilities of the region in eco- and gastro-tourism.

Special project on the website for active travellers Tourister.ru, with bright visual and strong informative components.

4 sections of the special project answer the main questions of tourists: "Why go there", "Where to go", "What to see" and "Who has already been there", presenting an informative picture of the destination.

To position the location, we've chosen the following characteristics of Pridnestrovie: colorful, "tasty" and close in every sense to the European destination.

Landing page development on Tourister.ru.

Travel Data-Driven technology based advertising campaign (automated placement of display ads) on target audience of travelers from June to August 2021.
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