Azerbaijan. Take Another Look.
Integrated Marketing in
the Russian Tourist Market

Azerbaijan became the first destination that run the integrated advertising campaign with B2C and B2B tools with Profi.Travel media holding.

At the same time, two advertising campaigns were launched to promote Azerbaijan destination - online training project for Russian tourism professionals and the campaign targeted to the audience of tourists. The projects «Azerbaijan: Take Another Look» are developed in an integrated style and are filled with high-quality content about the tourist opportunities of the destination. A user can pick up a ready-made tour, find a ticket or hotel accommodation.

At the moment, both online projects have already gained about 100 000 page views. An integrated promotion strategy is the most successful solution for destination marketing. It enhances the efficiency of each communication channel in which it is implemented. The tourist inspired by the destination book a trip yourself or go to a travel agency, where the specialist has the necessary information and expertise to send him to the chosen country.
    During the online training sessions for travel agents, which will last six months, Russian tourism professionals will receive the detailed information about the tourist sites of Azerbaijan, watch webinars with the participation of Azerbaijan partners and experts of the Azerbaijan Tourism Board, consolidate their knowledge in the format of online testing and receive a certificate of expert in sales of tours to Azerbaijan.
    The most important element of the education program is the possibility of booking tours from key Russian tour operators. 10 most active participants of the program, who not only successfully pass all stages of training, but also book the maximum number of tours, will be invited to the FAM trip to Azerbaijan in the spring of 2020.
    Florian Sengstschmid
    Chief Executive Officer of
    the Azerbaijan Tourism Board
    As the platform for the online project for travellers, website was chosen, one of the top 3 websites on the Runet in travel category. Target audience of tourists is attracted to the project website using the travel programmatic solution. This technology is based on the data on travel preferences and travel history of users. The promotional campaign provides for more than 1.5 million ad impressions on a variety of sites on the Russian-speaking Internet and they are targeted on residents of the large cities in Russia and the CIS where direct flights to Azerbaijan are available.
    For the first time we have simultaneous campaigns on B2B and B2C audiences for one travel destination. Both projects promote a seven-day route from Baku to Sheki. As a result, Azerbaijan will be visited by both package tourists and independent travellers, for whom we have made a very convenient platform.

    We do not just tell you about the most vivid places and inspire you to travel, but encourage you to plan your trip to Azerbaijan right now. For this purpose there are widgets of selection of hotels, tickets and ready tours which are organically embedded into the project design. Moreover, we have connected a community of active tourists of A user can see reviews and photo reports about trips to Azerbaijan and be inspired by the experience of those who have already discovered this bright country.
    Alexey Vengin
    Profi.Travel СЕО
    Since its launch in July, more than 3000 tourism professionals have visited the B2B training project. The special project for tourists started at the end of September, for a month and a half 13 000 independent travellers visited it.

    The advertising campaign will last until the end of the year, its results can be estimated after the completion of both projects in the number of tourists and increase in tourist flow. But it is already obvious that the destination is interesting for Russian tourists and industry professionals.
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