Profi.Travel wishes you a Happy New Year!

Congratulations to all travel industry professionals with the fact that 2021 is over — it was not easy, sometimes confusing, sometimes exhausting, but if you are reading Profi.Travel now, it means that you have stood and survived all this, have become stronger and more experienced.
Today we want to thank you all for creating the right «hype» with us all last year —

not the one that usually scares tourists away from travel, but the one that allowed the authorities to make the right decisions so that the industry could avoid bankruptcy, and our work continued. Thanks to all those who were not indifferent to the events in the market, about which we had to inform our colleagues, wrote comments and gave us topics for publications.

We also did everything in our power to make the tourism industry recover faster. We not only conveyed operational, insider and official, legal and statistical information to market participants, but also analyzed new trends, looked at the tourism industry from different angles to give you the most complete picture. Published 11 interviews with regional tourism authorities and representatives of federal agencies: For example, the head of «Tourism.RF» Sergey Sukhanov for the first time fully answered questions about the activities of the corporation exactly on our portal.

And we also launched a new Telegram channel, Nashe.Travel, for those who want to know everything about domestic tourism. In just six months, its audience has grown to 1,400 subscribers, and the channel itself has managed to become a platform for dialogue with the authorities: For example, Rosturizm not only reads us, but also gives explanations and even uses criticism to refine projects.

In 2021, Profi.Travel has 26 projects on its account, including analytics on the promotion of Russian regions, the development of itineraries and scenarios for tourists, and 14 solved problems for foreign markets. And it's not just Egypt, Qatar and the UAE, but also Malta, Monaco and even Jamaica! It's okay that the borders are closed — we manage to work for the development of tourism in such conditions.

By the way, 1.6 thousand professionals of foreign tourism business have registered in our exhibitions on inbound tourism RED. And 31 Russian regions took part in the online domestic tourism exhibition «Know Ours» during the year. In just a year, we held 362 online broadcasts and webinars.

Happy New Year to all readers! We wish you strength, energy and optimism to bring all new ideas to life in 2022! And stay with us — we will be even more interesting, stronger and more useful in the new season.
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