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From Ethiopia to Japan! What will OTM: Winter 21/22 be like?

Just a month left before OTM: Winter 21/22: the online exhibition starts on the 11th of October and runs until the 29th. Over the past year and a half the upcoming Online Travel Mart will have the largest geography of destinations presented. Dozens of exponents from Mexico to Japan have already confirmed their participation in the event, organized by Profi.Travel media holding.
Travel agents are waiting for the most relevant information on international destinations: their tourists miss foreign service, infrastructure, shopping and comfy weather. Despite the global boom of domestic tourism, Russians admit that some features in travelling around the country do not suit them, and reality often does not meet the expectations.

Excursion and ski Europe is back

Christmas Europe is one of the most favorite and long-awaited winter destinations for Russian travelers. Two European tourism offices will be Partners of OTM: Winter 21/22 — Belarus National Tourism Agency and the Czech Tourism Authority CzechTourism. The list of exhibitors also includes Vienna Tourist Board, TMGS Saxony and Disneyland Paris.

Further summer is paid only

In addition to European shopping, ski holidays and sightseeing tours, Russians are looking for the option to organize summer during winter. OTM: Winter 21/22 audience will be able to attend online presentations of the Indian Ocean and American destinations, the Caribbean region will be widely presented as well. Among the exhibitors there are travel businesses of the Maldives, Seychelles and Mauritius, Mexico, Jamaica, Cuba and the Dominican Republic.

Among other OTM: Winter 21/22 exhibitors you are guaranteed to see Tokyo, and hotels of Turkey - one of the top destinations for Russians both in winter and summer.

Online Travel Mart is a perfect opportunity to present your destination in detail to the largest audience of Russian-speaking travel business professionals. It is also a nice chance to establish new business contacts: Profi.Travel's own networking system allows you to hold personal online meetings, exchange virtual business cards and receive tour requests.

The applications to participate in the OTM: Winter 21/22 online exhibition are acceptable until the 25th of September.
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