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Russia, Europe and Asia synchronized the watches
before the upcoming tourist season

Main travel forecasts and key trends in the official opening ceremony of the online fair
OTM: Summer 2021.
In conditions of pandemic and limited air traffic, tourists are not interested in specific destinations, as it was before, but in any open countries. They are ready to discover completely new vacation spots. These are the survey results from more than 350 travel agents, which were presented on April, 12, within the official opening ceremony broadcast of international online fair OTM: Summer 2021.

64% of the survey participants who represent Russian travel agencies said that their clients are considering trips to any countries available for our citizens at the moment, and 25% of the agents' clients are ready to travel to unusual locations.

"Growing demand for Zanzibar, that we are observing now, just proves it. If not the limited number of rooms, I think it would have been even higher. However it's not bad now: Tanzania is in 6th place out of top 10 most popular destinations for the upcoming summer. It never happened before. This season gives chances to literally all destinations that are ready to receive tourists from Russia without quarantine, to replace or at least to move the traditional leaders in our travel market", - said Profi.Travel Chief Editor Artem Chumak.

He shared one more example of Georgia, that is also in top 10 most attractive summer destinations for Russian tourists for the first time, despite the fact that today there are no direct flights between Georgia and Russia. Previously this country was chosen mostly by independent travelers, but now all the agents quickly have to understand the features of Georgian resorts: according to their reviews, this destination has never been sold as actively as in the 2021 season.

Andrey Ignatiev, President of Russian Union of Travel Industry, continued the topic on the main trends of the upcoming tourist season in the Russian market. CEO of the European Tourism Association (ETOA) Tom Jenkins shared his opinion on when the most European countries can open up for tourism. Oliver Martin, Executive Board Member at PATA (Pacific Asia Travel Association) and Partner at Twenty31, spoke about the prospects of travel agencies in the context of the explosive growth of online technologies.

Emirates' Regional Manager for Commercial Operations in Europe & Russian Federation Egor Plahov commented on the situation with flight tickets prices increasing. Besides, he suggested when the rates will return to their previous state.

Profi.Travel media holding CEO Alexey Vengin noted that unlike the last year, when we actually lived in a lockdown mode, in 2021 we are in a state of uncertainty.

"I believe that in the upcoming season it's essential for travel agents and tour operators to have the most complete information, and be able to clearly predict what can happen. This will allow them to build their business, communicate with tourists and be ready for any changes during this year. That is why we have invited the top officials from ETOA and PATA, RUTI and Emirates to join the broadcast, so our audience can get the first-hand information".

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