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«Tourists won't go anywhere» and other pandemic season fears. How to overcome them?

What to be afraid of during this winter and is it worth doing this? Get the experts answers at the key autumn exhibition OTM Winter 2020/21.

There's probably never been a season with so many unknowns. Uncertainty breeds fears and a lack of data for decision-making process. The main question is: how has the tourist changed during the pandemic? What is he afraid of and waiting for? What needs to be changed in the industry to meet these expectations? Are people ready to travel as actively as before?

A tourist during the pandemic. What is he like?
Nadja Ebel, Head of Profi.Travel Analytical Center believes that public opinion is now inclined to overestimate the depth of tourists interests changes due to the pandemic, although certain shifts are certainly observed. «We've compared the portraits of tourists who traveled abroad this year with the last year travellers. Although the interest to urban tourism has slightly decreased, it still remains higher than nature tourism demand – despite the spring predictions that tourist would strive for maximum distancing. Expectedly, there are fewer older people among tourists, but the proportion of 18-34 aged people has increased. In general, there's an impression that more carefree people are travelling this year».
Even more details about the portrait of a new Russian tourist - on the opening day of OTM: Winter 2020/21. Global industry trends will be presented by Madeline List (Phocuswright), Paul Pruangkarn (Pacific Asia Travel Association), Sascha Nau (global IT-holding Amadeus). Join the live broadcast on 12 October, 12:30 PM (CET).

How to manage new risks

Another serious industry concern is if the tourism business can withstand the increased financial burden caused by new safety protocols. In addition, there's total market reformation: from the legislation changes to the transforming relations between tour operators and travel agents. Find out what experts think on the broadcast on 12 October, 2:30 PM (CET) – you'll have a chance to ask your questions to the speakers during the live sessions. Among the experts are Elena Lysenkova (Federal Agency for Tourism of Russia), Yana Muromova (ANEX Tour), Artur Muradyan (Space Travel), Click Voyage and Pac Group representatives.

What to expect in aviation

While COVID-19 is still active in many countries, the global aviation market has begun to recover. On 20 October, 1:00 PM (CET), Leonid Marmer (Amadeus) will explain with numbers how this is possible. The same day we'll try to separate myths from real flight safety problems, and learn about decision-making in regards of borders opening. Experts from Airbus (Maria Shlyakhtova) and Vipservice (Dmitry Gorin) will help to sort out the concerns about infection risks during the flights. Also at 2 PM (CET) join the discussion with representatives of Nordwind, Etihad, Azur Air, AirBaltic and Turkish Airlines. Tickets prices, winter schedule and new development strategies are on agenda.
«By OTM Winter 2020/21 business program we want to enable the market to synchronize, create a decision-making venue for the all levels players, — says Alexey Vengin, Profi.Travel CEO. — Understanding this decision-making logic of the countries presented by NTOs, is important for airlines and tour operators, they can build their strategies easier. At the same time, airlines and tour operators policy predetermines the retail actions».
OTM Winter 20/21 ideas are supported by The Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA), tourist offices from Greece, Poland, Hungary, Belarus and Riga, ANTOR (Association of National Tourist Offices' Representatives), Phocuswright, Russian Union of Tourist Industry and Radio Travel community.

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