The RED exhibition will bring together the tourism industry of the CIS Countries

And it will help Russian incamining to build communication with the growing markets of Azerbaijan, Belarus and Central Asia - not easy, but with enormous potential.
From October 10 to 14, the RED platform will host an online exhibition for tourism professionals from the CIS countries, whose potential for Russia has not yet been fully disclosed.Russia Expo Days exhibition will help Russian companies find the right approach and partners in these promising markets. The project is traditionally supported by Rostourism, the Agency for Strategic Initiatives, and the Russian Union of Travel Industry.
It is easy to explain the interest of Russian regions and representatives of tourist industry in tourists from neighboring countries: the volume of traffic between our countries began to grow during the pandemic, and in the past five months it contributes to the inaccessibility of a number of European and Asian destinations due to sanctions. In this regard, the geography of the inbound market began to change - an increasing share of it is occupied by tourists from neighboring countries. First of all, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Belarus, and Uzbekistan.

For example, as Profi.Travel was told in the mountain resort «Rosa Khutor», this year there is an increase in the number of tourists from Uzbekistan. So far we are not talking about any significant figures, but this trend is quite possible to develop, they believe. Especially since, judging by the average check, travelers from Uzbekistan are willing to spend significant amounts on vacations in Russia.

As for the regions, many of them have been thinking for a long time about how to increase the number of overnight stays for business tourists from the CIS countries - this flow to our country also shows a positive trend with the growth of traffic. And with the development of bleisure trips, the interest of classic travelers in Russia will traditionally begin to grow.
Near abroad tour operators already have a lot of offers in Russia, and the demand is formed.But now in the focus of neighbors are mostly border regions, as well as Moscow and St. Petersburg. It is obvious that other destinations also have the potential to increase the tourist flow. First of all, those that have direct flights from neighboring countries, as well as those that can be combined in one trip with already popular destinations.

«Russia can offer its neighbors not only standard excursion programs, but also other types of tourism that are absent or poorly represented within the countries of the Near Abroad, and therefore will be of interest to their residents, - Aleksey Vengin, head of the Profi.Travel media holding, is sure. — For example, we see great growth potential in medical and health tourism, cruises, as well as in MICE».

Good demand for spa treatment by tourists from Azerbaijan and Central Asian countries, said Ilya Umansky, CEO of the National Tour Operator ALEAN. According to him, this is due to the richness and variety of natural healing factors of Russian health resorts, their high efficiency. For example, drinking balneotherapeutic resorts specializing in gastrointestinal diseases are very popular, which is due to the peculiarities of the national cuisine of Azerbaijan and Central Asia, in which there are a lot of spicy dishes, fried, fatty foods.

It is very important to take into account the nuances in working with these markets - to understand their specifics, the mentality of tourists, national food habits, religion, and culture.
In addition to health tours, for example, Muslim tourists may be interested in visiting Muslim centers in Russia, and in the future it may become the basis of a new product that will attract this category of tourists, the expert notes.

Also promising products for these markets, in his opinion, may be some unique locations of global importance, such as Lake Baikal.

«The potential of the near abroad markets is huge and one of the key markets for Russia, but we are just beginning to reveal it, — Ilya Umansky thinks. — These are quite capacious markets, these tourists travel a lot. But the borders are not closed for most countries in the Middle East, so we will be competing with the rest of the world. We have a lot to do to become attractive to them».

«RED exhibition will expand knowledge of tourism professionals from the Middle East countries about the tourist opportunities in Russia — continues Alexey Vengin. — Now most of them know the two capitals, Sochi, maybe Karelia... The other regions are practically unknown to them. Just as they were unknown to many travel agents inside Russia before the pandemic. And now we can increase the inbound tourist flow from these markets in the same way as we increased the domestic one: first of all, it is necessary to show the tourism business from neighboring countries an understandable and attractive Russian tourist product».

Profi.Travel invites everyone who is interested in the growth of inbound tourism from the Middle East to take part in the online exhibition RED and tell colleagues about the tourism opportunities of your region. The event will include networking to find partners and build communication with tour operators from neighboring countries.

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