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Russian Expo Days have helped 8 Russian regions to enter the Indian tourism market

On December, 7, Russian Expo Days online exhibition for Indian travel business professionals got started. The event is organized by Profi.Travel media holding and Russian Information Center in India, supported by the Federal Agency for Tourism in Russia, The Agency for Strategic Initiatives and TAFI (Travel Agents Federation of India).
Despite all the travel restrictions, we see a huge interest in Russia from the international tourism side, including the Indian market. A rich history of economic and cultural relations connects us with India, and today it is becoming obvious that the potential of our country is not fulfilled, — thinks Elena Lysenkova, Head of the Directorate of State Tourist Projects and Safety in Tourism of the Federal Agency for Tourism of the Russian Federation. — What has been always limiting the Indian tourist flow to our country, in addition to visa barriers, is a lack of information. In fact, tourists only know two capitals: Moscow and St. Petersburg. Right now, when travel restrictions are still in place, this online communication is very important. We hope the knowledge gained during Russian Expo Days India will allow Indian travel professionals to offer their tourists retro trains trips, industrial tourism options, eco-tours to our beautiful villages and much more. By the first two days we have noted a high interest of Indian tour operators to trips to the Northern Lights in Murmansk, Kamchatka volcanoes, the cosmodrome in the Amur region and small towns of the Golden Ring
Statistics show a serious attentiveness of the Indian travel business to Russian Expo Days India program: on the start day 1700 users from India were registered for the event, more than 500 tour operators from this country attended the business part. Within the next four days, 8 regions will present their opportunities in receiving Indian tourists: St. Petersburg, Kamchatka, Murmansk, Samara, Tula, Vladimir, Krasnodar and Amur regions.
The objective of RED is not only to help the regions in presenting to potential foreign partners a diversified Russian tourism product that correlates the specifics of each national market, but also to give a modern networking tool that allows them to convert contacts into real mutually beneficial contracts», — explained Alex Vengin, Profi.Travel CEO. The numbers also proved how effective this networking is: on the first day Russian travel industry representatives received more than 300 questions and cooperation offers from the Indian market professionals.
Pradip Lulla, the Vice President of TAFI, confirmed the huge potential of Russia as a holiday destination in the Indian market. «Last year around 100 000 Indian tourists visited Russia, which is 19% more than a year earlier. At the same time, about 20 million people in India were searching information about Russia on Google. That's why I am sure there is great growth opportunity for the destination», — said Mr. Lulla.

Russian Expo Days business program includes 12 live sessions in total. The visitors will learn about the e-visa obtaining process, Tax Free policy in different regions of Russia, and current travel market trends. All the online exhibition materials are available after the registration. You can join the event following the link russiadays.travel.

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