Unique training has been prepared for those who plan to receive tourists from the Middle East

For the first time, the training will be available to a wide audience of professionals and will allow you to «try on» the Arab market and learn more about the characteristics of receiving tourists from the UAE, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar and Bahrain.
On May 17 and 18, a training will be held on the peculiarities of receiving tourists from the leading countries of the Middle East in Russia. Key knowledge about the market in such a concentrated form can not be quickly obtained anywhere else. So, if you are considering this area of work for the development of a region or a company, join us. Participation in the training is free, upon registration. It is held in preparation for the RED Arabian online exhibition, which is scheduled from June 20 to 29, 2022 and will be held with the support of Rostourism and the Russian Union of Tourism Industry.
Two profile committees of the Russian Union of Tourism Industry — on exhibition activities and inbound tourism — are involved in the preparation of the training.

«We have been engaged in the development of inbound tourism in Russia for a long time and we see what kind of competencies in this area are currently lacking, — explains Alexey Vengin, head of the Exhibition Committee of the Russian Union of Travel Industry. — Now our task is to help businesses, as well as regional tourism administrations to quickly get knowledge about prospective markets for entry, assess the possibility of cooperation and quickly launch work with them».

That is why an open training on the specifics of working with tourists from Arab countries was conceived and organized. Previously, this kind of training was only available to a narrow circle of exhibitors at Russian Expo Days Arabian. But the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman and Bahrain are the leading economies in the region, cooperation with which on entry is not only potentially possible for a wide range of travel market players, but also profitable. In the new conditions, when opportunities for Russian companies to establish new connections are deliberately limited by excluding them from well-known international exhibitions, the importance of such an event obviously increases.
The training program includes:
  • information about the cultural and mental characteristics of Arabian tourists, peculiarities of communication with them;
  • specifics of hotel service - food, room and service requirements;
  • principles of formation of the tourist product for Arabian tourists;
  • current rules of entry into the Russian Federation for tourists from the Middle East.
Students will also learn what types of holidays Arabian tourists prefer, how the distribution of tourism products in the region is organized, will receive the basic knowledge of how to create an engaging presentation to potential partners from the Middle East.

To conduct the training, the organizers attracted specialists who are deeply immersed in the peculiarities of the market and have experience in receiving Arabian tourists.
  • Demyan Smilevets, Head of International Cooperation Department of Rostourism;
  • Alexandra Blanco, managing partner of Almursah for modern projects;
  • Irina Sim, Leisure Sales Director, Ritz Carlton Moscow;
  • Galina Anokhina, head of service and training at Krasnaya Polyana Resort;
  • Sevinj Zeynalli, Director of International Markets Department, Azerbaijan Tourism Bureau;
  • Olga Chernyavskaya, sales and marketing director of Gulf Air, and others.
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