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Profi.Travel announces 2021 online exhibitions schedule

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Profi.Travel media holding announces 2021 online exhibitions schedule. It reflects three main branches of the company's work. Russian online travel fair is dedicated to domestic tourism, Online Travel Mart is an outbound travel fair. Russian Expo Days series helps to promote a Russian tourism product to the foreign markets.
In 2020 Profi.Travel online exhibitions caused a real stir. Nowadays this communication tool helps to reach the needed audience and is literally indispensable. Our company has been organizing online events since 2014, so today we have one of the most reliable and elaborate platforms in the market. Nevertheless, we are constantly improving it, and in 2021 we will offer even more convenient and functional option, — says Alexey Vengin, Profi.Travel media holding CEO. —Just like everyone else we are waiting for the opportunity to hold offline events, but we do understand that the restrictions will still stay on, especially in the first half of the year. Now a new business communication culture is being formed, and online formats lead there. Such an element of brand-new reality will stay with us for a long time. Besides the technical capabilities, Profi.Travel has the main resource to organize such exhibitions - the target audience. The reputation and loyalty cannot be obtained in a short period. Practice has shown that our online exhibitions are extremely effective for the participants, and provide high-quality information for the guests.
Choose the business line you need and add the event to your calendar. We will be glad to welcome you as both participants or visitors of our exhibitions.
Outbound tourism
Summer — April,12 - 30
Arabian countries —
August, 2 - 3
Winter — from October, 11 to November, 3
Inbound tourism
RED China - April
RED France - June
RED India - November
RED Germany - December
We are currently working on the online fairs' business programs and the next year will share the details.

In 2020, Russian online travel fair had over 200 exponents and 12 000 visitors. OTM gathered together 215 exponents and over 11 000 guests. Each RED event audience varied between 600 and 1500 travel professionals, depending on the country's market size.

Participation application is already open.

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