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Top leaders of tourism associations of Europe and Asia took part in the opening ceremony of OTM: Winter 2021/22

"There is no reason not to approve the Russian vaccine, this country has a huge experience in pharmaceutical manufacturing", — this opinion was expressed by Tom Jenkins, CEO of European tourism association (ETOA), during the official opening ceremony of Online Travel Mart: Winter 21/22 orginized by Profi.Travel media holding.
"Some countries have already approved Sputnik V vaccine - and this is the main condition for Russians travellers to enter these European countries", said Mr. Jenkins recalling that Slovenia, Greece, Cyprus, San Marino and other destinations have made such a decision without WHO approval.
"We see the international travel market is starting to open up, and the problems we have at the moment are mostly connected not to medicine, but politics, that is outside of our influence. The only thing we can do is to be patient. However, I am sure a lot of destinations to which Russian tourists would like to go will be open in the nearest months, including Italy, Spain and France", — suggested Mr. Jenkins. He also added it is not possible right now, as another wave of a pandemic is raging in Europe.
In his opinion, one of the main trends in the tourism market today is a huge deferred demand: everyone who hoped for a complete recovery of tourism, but did not see it, and decided not to travel in 2020 and 2021 due to limited supply, will surely go on a trip in 2022. "All the members of our association have stayed in the business, and they are looking forward to the next year with optimism. Of course, the volumes will not return to the level of 2019, but the situation will be better than in 2021" — concluded the ETOA leader.

Director of Communications & External Affairs of the Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA) Paul Pruangkarn highlighted the fact that the Asian population level of vaccination lags noticeably behind the European one, and this indicator is essentially important for opening the country for travellers, including Russians. Therefore, it is still difficult to say which markets will receive Russians by the end of this year. For example, not it is likely that international tourism will restart in Vietnam and Bali, but that the situation could change overnight.
"Of course, we are watching Singapore and Thailand, if their model of receiving foreign tourists will work, and whether other countries will follow their example. Phuket has already taken the first step, and perhaps this will inspire more destinations to open their borders this winter".
In terms of tourism industry global recovery, PATA predicts that the market will return to 2019 levels over the next three years. According to a more pessimistic approach, tourism will be able to recover only by 50% during this time.

"We keep in mind the 2019 level as a base, but that period was a real boom in the travel industry, it was on its top. Therefore, if in the next year we reach at least 30% of this volume, it will already be a good result".

Besides, among invited experts of the official opening ceremony broadcast of OTM: Winter 2021/22 there was Ms. Khanittha Phanworawat, Director of the Moscow office of Tourism Authority of Thailand, she spoke about the stages of opening the country to foreign tourists and the current demand in the destination. Philip Dickinson, Vice President in International Markets of Qatar Tourism shared the information about charter flights from Moscow to Doha, and Dushan Wickramasuriya, Marketing Director of the Sri Lanka Tourism Promotion Bureau, reminded tourists they still have time to visit the island at half price. The full speeches of all the experts are available here.
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