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Do you know what the Philippines is?

October — December 2018
The Department of Tourism of the Republic of Philippines

To promote the Philippines as a travel destination with a variety of activities: from beach and sightseeing to event and gastronomic travel; to provide information on the internal logistics between the islands, specifics of the most popular islands and convenient combinations of them.

Development the online project website with an emphasis on an interactive map of the Philippines, close to reality, where simple and accessible illustrated internal logistics between the islands is presented. Creating of the devoted sections on the website with the information about popular islands, their features, specifics of hotel choosing, flight program from Russia and internal logistics. Training sessions with key business partners in the destination and testing for visitors, with the opportunity to obtain a diploma from the head office of the Department of Tourism of the Philippines.

Project Structure
  • Specifics of the destination
  • Guide across the islands
  • Special offers of tour operators
  • Online learning and testing with prize rewarding


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