Who is awake in tourism and why?

At this precise moment travel agents have time and opportunity to study in detail the destinations that are still unknown to them and explore their travel product deeply. In a few months, the borders will be opened, planes will take off, and tourists will start traveling. And I am positive that those who are now investing in communication will receive increased profit — whether it is a commercial company or a destination.
Alexey Vengin, СЕО Profi.Travel
This spring, Profi.Travel keeps launching В2Вe-learning projects and conducting advertising campaigns of regions and countries.
On April 20th a newe-learning project «Hungary. Where magic begins» by the Hungary National Tourism Board was successfully launched. It covers the destination product description: flight program, visa information, climate, seasonality, gastronomy and traditions. The interactive map with 16 cities gives an idea of the key tourist attractions. Moreover, the project gives an overview on the opportunities for health and SPA recreation and routes for the weekend. The user friendly navigation by keyword helps to choose a termal resort or hotel for a particular type of client. These topics will be discussed at the webinars in May on the project platform.
The year round Almatye-learning project is currently held at Profi.Travel. Over 2,000 unique users have visited the project during the first month. »Guide to Almaty» presents destination general information and offers fiveready-to-go tourist routes designed for 2 to 7 days trips. At the project, agents study the destination hotel base, local food, key attractions and events calendar, as well as take part in webinar sessions. The audience has an opportunity to take a quiz and win a Fam-trip.
«And all of this is Dubai!» — another opportunity for travel agents to spend time with benefit during the temporary market standstill. Profi.Travel presents Dubai year rounde-learning project — an online encyclopedia on the destination tour product with interactive test check activities and multiple prizes.

The third part of the online project »Flanders-Brussels: The Vanguard Heart of Europe» is also being prepared. A training course, a test check and competition for agents in social networks will take place as a part of the project. Together with the great Jan Van Eyck and other major Flemish artists agents will continue to explore the details and nuances of the destination product.
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