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The 2022 schedule of international online exhibitions has been announced.

Profi.Travel Online Travel Mart online exhibitions have established themselves as a stable and predictable communication channel between sellers and buyers in tourism sector. In addition, in a constantly and unpredictably changing market, they represent a convenient source of up-to-date information about changes in entry rules, new resorts and routes.
"We are pleased that the number of off-line events has increased over the past year and we are actively attending them, but we are aware that with long-term planning, online activities are more predictable and cost-effective, especially at the international level, - considers CEO of Profi.Travel Alexey Vengin. - By adding a system of business communications to our exhibitions, both international and domestic,we have provided the participants with the widest possible possibilities for networking. This increases the outcome of participation and allows to give more attention to target partners."
Traditionally, the Online Travel Mart exhibition consists of an extensive business program, the agenda of which revolves around the most actual market issues, as well as educational presentations of exhibitors. World-class experts are also invited to observe global tourism trends and to draw practical conclusions for their businesses. Simultaneous English translation makes the business program available to participants from a wide variety of countries.

In fact, during the exhibition, agents can have an effective intensification of outbound tourism and prepare themselves for sales in a wide range of destinations.

About the exhibition

Online Travel Mart (OTM) is an international online tourism exhibition held since 2017 on Profi.Travel media holding's platform. This largest industry event can be called the only full-fledged and technological alternative to traditional offline tourism exhibitions on the Russian market. The exhibition allows foreign exhibitors to find new partners and increase the tourist flow from Russian-speaking countries. In 2021, the first tourism networking in Russia and CIS began, which brought business communication between participants to a new level of efficiency.

Calendar for 2022

«OTM: SUMMER-2022»: 28 March - 8 April;
«OTM 2022: ARAB COUNTRIES»: 1 - 12 August;
«OTM: WINTER-2022»: 10 - 21 October.

If you want to know the details of your participation, please contact us.


OTM is represented by tourism offices, tour operators, DMC, airlines, and hotel chains from Europe and Asia, Arab East, Caribbean and the Indian Ocean regions. During 4 years of Online Travel Mart exhibition, more than 700 companies from all over the world have participated.


Traditionally, up to 5,000 tourism professionals from Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus and other countries of the Russian-speaking market take part in OTM during the year. Their main goal is to get acquainted with all available foreign destinations, novelties, current conditions of entry into popular countries, the situation on the aviation market.

Exhibitors' feedback

The organizers constantly receive feedback from the participants and improve the interaction of buyers and sellers within the framework of OTM. This is what our exhibitors write.
Alyona Kudilkova, Director of the National Tourism Administration of the Czech Republic (CzechTourism):

"It is nice to see that the Czech Republic, despite the situation, attracts the interest of partners who took part not only in webinars but also in networking.
This is not the first time that ChehTourism has participated in the exhibition, and we are pleased to note that the OTM Winter 21/22 was the most successful in terms of organizing, conducting and designing stands. We appreciate the support of your employees during the preparation of the stand and during the webinars. The assistance provided to us was high-quality and professional.
Czech partners who took part in the work at our booth were very pleased with the exhibition and especially with the possibilities of networking, which allows you to communicate in person with partners.
In conclusion, we wish your project many satisfied partners and visitors who will return again and again. "
Victoria Ozarinskaya, Representative of the Gran Canaria Island Tourism Board (Spain):

"I would like to thank the managers and technical support for their help. We are participating for the second time and are going to continue our cooperation.
The times are difficult: the markets are physically closed, and this format of exhibitions is very important because of the opportunity to remind potential partners that we still are on the market, as well as to maintain relationships and find new contacts. "
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