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Profi.Travel & Irkutsk region are launching a project to promote the region in India

Profi.Travel, Agency for Tourism of Irkutsk Region and Russian Information Center in India have launched a large-scale B2B project to promote the tourism product to Indian travel market.

The project is taking place in two stages:

- Training block on Profi.Travel portal for representatives of Irkutsk region hospitality industry, presenting how to work with tourists from India;
- International online exhibition Russia Expo Day Baikal for Indian travel agents.

On July, 20, a series of "India Friendly" webinars took place, which introduced to travel companies of Irkutsk region the specifics of receiving Indian tourists. The specialists from Russian Information Center, Russian-Indian Information Center and other experts of the destination spoke about national and cultural features, requirements for cuisine, catering and accommodation, communication and behavior specifics of guests from India, which must be taken into account when receiving them.
This information is extremely useful, as far as Indian tourists are a special category, with their own requirements and specificity. The features of receiving them differ from receiving Chinese or European tourists. Undoubtedly, representatives of the region's tourism business have taken into consideration all the info from the experts. So now they will better understand the expectations of this category of tourists.
Ekaterina Slivina, Head of Agency for Tourism of Irkutsk Region
The second part of the project is an international online exhibition Russia Expo Days Baikal, which will be held on July, 30, and will focus on Indian tour operators and travel agents sending tourists to Russia.

The goal of the online exhibition is to introduce summer and winter tourism products of Irkutsk region and leisure options on Lake Baikal to a foreign B2B-audience, as well as to present opportunities for individual and group tourism in the region.

Business program of RED Baikal includes an official opening ceremony and 3 hours of online presentations from the regional tour operators – TouristGroup, Sputnik, Aviavoyage, Grand Baikal, Patriot, TSPC (Trans-Siberian passenger company) – with simultaneous translation into English. All the content of the exhibition will be presented also in English.

Top officials from the Agency for Tourism of Irkutsk Region, Russian Information Center in India, representative of Russian Export Center in India, Rossotrudnichestvo in India and TAFI (Travel Agents Federation of India) will attend the opening ceremony.

This is not the first inbound project for Profi.Travel. We have held Russia Expo Days in 2017, 2018 and 2019. However, this is the first time we've decided to organize such a large-scale event to promote just one certain region to the foreign market. The project is being implemented with the initiative of Irkutsk Region and in partnership with Russian Information Center. Our Indian partners have deep knowledge in the features and mentality of tourists and foreign B2B-audience. Profi.Travel has the expertise in Russian tourism market and experience in conducting online events. We are confident that this combination will lead to an excellent effect. As a result of the project Indian tour operators will learn a lot about tourist potential of Irkutsk region. As soon as the entrance restrictions are lifted, the region will feel the increase in tourist flow from India.
Alexey Vengin, CEO of Profi.Travel
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