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Results of Profi.Travel survey: More than 30% of Russian tourists choose premium hotels for holidays in Greece

In December 2021, Profi.Travel held a survey among travel agents and found out that Russian tourists continue to choose Greek destinations even if transportation costs are higher — they are willing to pay more for the same product that was cheaper before the pandemic.
Statistics and trends

The interest in the Greece destination for vacation is confirmed by figures: during the pandemic, 53% of travel agents from 140 surveyed companies continued to sell tours to Greece. Among the new trends is the growing demand for Rhodes and Halkidiki. Tourist interest in sightseeing and excursion tours to Greece has also increased.

Hotels are in priority

According to the survey, the majority of clients of tour companies (62%) are choosing hotels of category3-4* for their holiday. These are tourists who do not intend to spend all their holidays in the hotel complex but want to explore sights and other beaches. 5* hotels are chosen by 30% of travelers from Russia, and 4% of VIP tourists remain choosing luxury objects. They fly to Greece in business class.

Tour operators' plans and flight programs

According to Profi.travel, TUI Russia has plans to replace a part of the air transportation volume of Mouzenidis (which has left the market) and announced the extension of the flight program to Corfu: flights are already planned from Moscow, Rostov-on-Don and Kazan. In addition, the company intends to put charters to Halkidiki from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kazan and Samara.

According to Profi.Travel sources, Coral Travel is preparing a flight program for Halkidiki and has significantly increased the volume of contracts with hotels there.

ANEX Tour expects the removal of restrictions on flights to Greece and is ready to put its own charters based on AZUR Air partner' boards selection to Heraklion, Rhodes and Thessaloniki.

Russian airlines are also talking about an increase in regular traffic, which could have a positive effect on demand for the 2022 season.

How travel agents choose partners in Greece

76% of the surveyed travel agents worked with Mouzenidis, while 58% of them had it as the only or main partner. As Mouzenidis stopped operating in 2021, agents will be looking for new partners in Greece for 2022.

52% of agents will continue working with Coral Travel and Pegas Touristic. ANEX Tour is chosen by 10% of agents. Another 7% of respondents cooperate with Biblio Globus, TUI, Ambotis, Tez Tour.

90% of surveyed agents will continue to work with mass tour operators in 2022 season. 6% of agents intend to work independently — in 2022 they plan to develop tours to Greece on their own.

What is important in choosing a partner

The choice of the DMC in Greece is becoming more important for travel agents. 35% of agents show interest in direct contact with DMC companies.
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