Alexey Vengin shared the algorithms for launching an effective advertising campaign of a tourist destination

During a speech at the section "Media projects as a business card of the country" of the tourist exhibition TITF in Tashkent Alexey Vengin, CEO of Profi.Travel, shared life hacks that can be useful in creation and implementation of advertising projects for tourist destinations. We decided that this information would be useful to everyone who promotes destinations, so we asked Alexey to outline the main points in the article. That's what he said.
Over the past couple of years, we have launched several dozen advertising campaigns to promote countries and regions. And we never do without three important components: analysis of the knowledge and preferences of tourists, informed choice of tourist product and calculation of efficiency. I will tell you about each one.

What analytics are needed before starting a project

The need for analytics is hard to argue with. The own ideas of representatives of the destination and the developers of advertising campaigns about what tourists want, does not always match reality. And this is okay — we all are human beings with our own picture of the world.

At the same time, modern tools make it possible to collect the opinions of thousands of respondents representing the target audience.

Working on a project for the Samara region, we surveyed about 10 thousand tourists and got answers to many questions. For example, we realized that more than half of the surveyed travelers did not know about the region's tourism opportunities. At the same time, when planning a trip, most of them do not want to bother with the exact schedule and booking of tours, preferring to decide everything on the spot. That is why we did not give tourists a lot of information about tourist locations, but offered formed scenarios that allow us to imagine the format of a future trip.
Sometimes we use Big Data, which allows us to evaluate behavioral patterns by more than 400 parameters. This knowledge allowed us to see that for most tourists Sakhalin is exotic, not just nature. That's why the whole project was made in the Asian style, and suitable locations were chosen. Sometimes expert experience can also be used for analysis. Before starting to work on the project for Azerbaijan, I drove around the country and found a wonderful itinerary from Baku to Sheki, which formed the basis of the project. The travel scenario allows visitors to see the main attractions and increase the number of days tourists stay in Azerbaijan.

How to choose a tour product for promotion?

The choice of product is influenced by the logistics of the itineraries, the age of the potential target audience, its background on trips — there should be a different set of tourist products for each category of tourist need. City breaks — for those who need to be inexpensive and close to get to, gastro-tourism — for gourmands, trekking and mountain skiing for the active. There are different channels for each segment, their own triggers. You need to focus on something specific when launching any advertising campaign.
For example, in the project for Ugra, we analyzed transport logistics, the portrait of the tourists in the surrounding regions, added to this good roads and the growing statistics of automobile tourism in Russia and launched a route planner for the region.

And together with the Ministry of Tourism of the Maldives, we solved the problem — to teach travel companies to sell the Maldives not only to beach tourists, but to attract those who are interested in outdoor activities.
How to calculate the effectiveness of the advertising campaign?

Typically the marketing indicators of digital projects are coverage, views and clicks, as well as recognition. But efficiency can be measured by specific tourists and applications.

In a project for the Altai Krai, we counted how many tourists came to the region after contact with advertising. Our technology allows us to track that the mobile device, from which a tourist saw a banner or visited a page, has moved to the region we need.

An important part of the distribution of the tourist product is through travel companies, but calculating the effectiveness of advertising in b2b is a very difficult task. For the Dubai Tourism Office we use the Loyalty system, which allows us to involve travel companies in study of the product and as a result see real bookings for tours for the destination we are interested in.

In general, these preparation algorithms: analytics, product selection, performance analysis can be applied to any project.

Of course, it is possible to create advertising campaigns relying on inspiration, but if they are based on structural analysis and figures, this will give a predictable result and the ability to evaluate it.

We at are keen on numbers and crazy about efficiency.
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