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Alexey Vengin: In 3 years Russian incoming market will change beyond recognition

How Profi.Travel helps the regions to build a chain for receiving foreign tourists in Russia
Profi.Travel media holding has summed up the results of the December series of Russian Expo Days. The first online exhibition - RED 2020 for Indian Market for the travel professionals from India, was held from 7 to 11 of December, the second, RED 2020 for German-speaking Market for tour operators from Germany, Austria and Switzerland - from 14 to 18 of December. The exhibitions were organized by Profi.Travel and the Federal Agency for Tourism, supported by the Agency for Strategic Initiatives and foreign partners.
New tourism product — new tourists

The introduction of e-visa and changes in the concept of new reality of traveling created the preconditions for the growth of interest in the tourist opportunities of Russia and the inbound tourism development.
«For many years, the Soviet tourist routes of the 50s stayed the basis of Russian inbound tourism, — says Alexey Vengin, Profi.Travel CEO. — They were created for a respectable tourist from a developed country aged 65+, and besides two capitals included the cities of the Golden Ring and several cruise routes. Some tourists had also managed to reach the Trans-Siberian. The introduction of e-visa will not only facilitate entry into our country, but also make it possible to travel in small groups without any problems. Within the existing epidemiological situation this is the most demanded tour format. However, such a range of products is practically unknown to foreign partners, while it exists. Russian Expo Days series is intended to provide an opportunity to present this new, modern tourism product, designed for other age groups. I think the next year new types of tourism by Russian regions will start to grow, including active ones, and in 3 years the incoming market of Russia will change beyond recognition. By our projects we are bringing this time closer».
Not only coverage, but contracts

The RED results showed that online exhibitions can be as efficient in terms of business communications as offline events, and in addition they can highly reach the target audience. This combination is possible due to new technologies used in Profi.Travel.
«Participation in the online exhibition is not just a chance to present a tourist product, or a good option for the company PR, but it's also a business tool that allows you to build the entire chain of receiving tourists in Russia. And although the presentations are already over, Profi.travel team continue the exhibition days, — says Alexey Vengin. — Every day we organize face-to-face meetings between foreign tour operators and representatives of Russian receiving companies, we help and support them until a contract signing. This option is included in the exhibitor package».
The exhibition preparation process includes several stages. First, the exhibitors participate in India Friendly or Germany Friendly programs, where they learn the features of receiving the tourists from a particular country. Then the media holding team helps them to prepare successful presentations of their tourism product.

During the presentations, we work closely both with exhibitors and guests, the dialogues in chat rooms are moderated and supported. For two weeks after the exhibition, Profi.Travel helps to organize face-to-face meetings, connecting the stakeholders. Besides, before the exhibition starts, Profi.Travel works a lot to attract foreign tour operators through various media channels.

Fascinated by Russia

You can evaluate the results by yourself. More than 1900 visitors registered for RED 2020 for Indian Market, during the exhibition the speakers recieved over 1000 questions from them. After the event within the networking program 31 online meetings have been orginized, 24 companies expressed their readiness to sign a cooperation agreement already in the first week after the exhibition. Among RED India exhibitors there were 49 participants from 8 regions of Russia - St. Petersburg, Kamchatka, Murmansk, Samara, Tula, Vladimir, Amur and Krasnodar regions.

The German market is predictably more restrained than the Indian one, and is focused on effective contacts. More than 400 registered participants took part in RED 2020 for German-speaking Market, they asked over 250 questions to the exhibition's experts. Despite the Christmas holidays, 11 participants have already announced their intention to sign a cooperation agreement, and the networking is still going on. 61 exhibitors from 10 regions - the Republic of Buryatia and Tyva, the Nenets Autonomous District, Tyumen, Murmansk, Samara, Tula, Novosibirsk, St. Petersburg, Kamchatka regions presented their tourism products.

The feedback from one German participant illustrates the mood of the audience better than any numbers: «I would like to thank all the participants. Thank you for the impressive presentations and excellent organization. I have always been fascinated by Russia - the country and its people. I wish our countries could become closer, and the politicians could finally understand how much we need each other. It will be better for both sides if more German guests can come to Russia».
Expanding the geography

The Federal Agency for Tourism in Russia has also analyzed the results of the RED series. Elena Lysenkova, the Head of the Directorate of State Tourist Projects and Safety in Tourism of Rostourism:
«In this time of limited personal communication, travel business professionals need a platform for dialogue, where all foreign markets participants could ask their Russian partners all the questions. And they, in turn, could conduct a high-quality presentation of hotels, accomodation objects, tour packages, programs. At RED, this was implemented for travel companies from Germany and India. Participants' activity during the events showed their interest in the Russian tourism product, and secondly, a high demand for such solutions during a pandemic. We made sure that an online exhibition can become the platform that gives the opportunities for future cooperation. And right now, when inbound tourism is on pause, it can be built and improved. We would like to thank Profi.Travel for their professional approach and assistance in developing international partnerships and promoting Russia on the international tourism market».
Next year, 4 exhibitions are planned within the framework of Russian Expo Days: Profi.Travel will add China and France to two already familiar markets of India and Germany. You can find the details and dates here.
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